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Our products are all natural and made with tender loving care. They contain pure essential oils and are "Reikied" (infused with energy and healing). The perfect size to take anywhere, they feature butterfly decorations and are great for bridal shower favors, gifts of all occasions or a little something for yourself.
Mix and match oils, including: rose essential oils, bergamot essential oils, spearmint essential oils, patchouli essential oils, and more.

Mix & Match Oils

Mix different oils, such as a pure lavender essential oil and a pure frankincense oil to get the scent that best fits you.

We offer essential oil spray.

Essential Oil Spray

Our sprays include body sprays, disinfectant sprays, and bug sprays, all uniquely formulated with essential oils.

Add essential oils in bath!

Bath Oil & Diffuser Blends

Our blends are expertly crafted to promote relaxation, enhance mood, and support overall wellness.

Mix & Match Oils

Known as the Crown Chakra, the violet energy center stands as a symbol of spiritual liberation and enlightenment. Craft a fragrance that harmonizes your Crown Chakra, fostering spiritual insight, inner tranquility, and a lucid worldview.

Mix and match different scents to find the one you need! Mix any of the options, like pure frankincense oil and pure lavender essential oil!
  • Tea Tree: anti-fungal, antibacterial, and skin healing.

  • Vanilla: warms your senses.

  • Orange: mood lifter, muscular tension, water retention, and constipation.

  • Spearmint: motion sickness, colds , fevers and cramps.

  • Frankincense: benefits the female system, regulates breathing and aids in meditation.

  • Lavender: relaxation, antidepressant, insomnia, skin healing and colds.

  • Cinnamon: skin toning, aphrodisiac, digestion, diabetes and astringent.

  • Rose: headaches, dry skin, creates a feminine aura, antidepressant and balancing.

  • Patchouli: infections, insect bites, relaxing and aphrodisiac.

  • Bergamot: antiseptic, uplifting, clarifying, hair and skin treatment.

  • Lime: uplifting, refreshing and an alternative to lemon.

  • Peppermint: muscle relaxant, motion sickness, digestion, and clearing.

  • Sage: rheumatism, headaches & nervous tension, and avoid during pregnancy.

  • Ylang Ylang: aphrodisiac, antidepressant, treat stress and frustration.

  • Cedar Wood: anti-inflammatory, soothe nervous system, lowers blood pressure, clears up psoriasis and other autoimmune outbreaks and skin irritations.

  • Lemon: uplifting, antiseptic, cooling and refreshing.

  • Helichrysum: cell rejuvenation, wound healing, and bruises.

  • Turmeric: anti-inflammatory.

Essential Oil Spray

Identified as the Third Eye Chakra, the indigo energy center is a beacon of wisdom. Select a spray that aligns your Third Eye Chakra and bolsters your spiritual and emotional vibrancy and confidence.

Get balanced energy with our Essential Oil Sprays.
  • Sweet Dreams: Made with Pure Lavender Oil.

  • Spice It Up: Made with Orange, Cinnamon & Vanilla Oil.

  • Mint Julep: Made with Spearmint Essential Oil.

  • Heavenly: Made with Pure Frankincense Oil & Pure Lavender Oil.

  • Creamsicle: Made with Orange & Vanilla Oil.

  • Pleasure: Made with Bergamot Essential Oils & Rose Essential Oils (Lavender Essential Oil Optional). *New Cream Blend*

  • Seasons: Made with Patchouli Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, (Lime or Lemon Essential Oil).

Bath Oil & Diffuser Blends

Known as the Heart Chakra, the green energy hub signifies the twelve divine attributes linked to the heart. Opt for a bath oil or a diffuser blend that harmonizes your Heart Chakra, fostering feelings of compassion, care, optimism, friendliness, and motivation.

Choose essential oils for bath.
  • Pure Love: Rose Essential Oil & Ylang Ylang Oil.

  • Spirit: Orange & Pure Frankincense Oil.

  • Calm: Vanilla & Pure Lavender Oil.

  • Love Me Tender: Pure Lavender Oil & Geranium.

  • Citrus & Spice: Orange & Cinnamon.

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